SCS: Computer Science Undergraduate Research Poster Session and Faculty Presentation

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 11:30am to 2:00pm


Rashid Auditorium 4401 and Outside Commons Area Gates Hillman Centers

Join in to see the great work that our CS undergraduates are doing for research and applied projects.

Faculty are encouraged to attend to meet our undergraduate students and to learn about their work , while meeting students looking for research opportunities for the Spring. Undergraduates are encouraged to attend to learn about what research is all about from their peers. Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be provided.

PRESENTATIONs: Rashid Auditorium, Gates Hillman 4401 and Adjacent Lobbies

11:30 am:  Rashid Auditorium

Andy Pavlo, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
How to Prepare a Bad Graduate School Application

12:00 pm: Poster and Project Presentations in Lobbies outside Rashid Auditorium

Senior Thesis (15-599) Projects

  • Tim Becker: Orbit Rational Transducers (Advisor: Klaus Sutner)
  • Calvin Beideman: Predicting Hardness of Approximation: Generalizing from Densest k-Subgraph (Advisor: Ryan O'Donnell)
  • John Bostanci: Approximation Algorithms for the Ordered Medians Problem (Advisor: Anupam Gupta)
  • Jordan Brown: Verifying Database Queries Using Refinement Reflection (Advisor: Jean Yang)
  • William Chargin: A General System of Adjoint Logic (Advisor: Frank Pfenning)
  • Sunny Gakhar: Traveling Salesman Problem under Stability Considerations (Advisor: Anupam Gupta)
  • Daniel Gratzer: Towards Syntactic Logical Relations for General Store (Advisor: Karl Crary)
  • Yeongwoo Hwang: Face Recognition and Augmented Reality for an Interactive Art/Music Installation (Advisors: Ryan O'Donnell, Anil Ada)
  • Jacob Imola: Fine-Grained, Dynamic Exploration for Privacy Enforcement (Advisor: Jean Yang)
  • Maitreyee Joshi: Retinal Prosthetics: Restoring Sight to the Blind (Advisors: Martial Hebert, Shawn Kelley)
  • Scott Kurlcik: Automatically Enforcing Server-Side Policies Using Object Graphs (Advisor: Jean Yang)
  • Sidhanth Mohanty: On Approximating Sparse, Random, Regular CSPs (Advisor: Ryan O'Donnell)
  • Everi Osofsky: Fine-Grained Metadata Management Using Page Overlays (Advisor: Todd Mowry)
  • Hanqi Sun: Size Constrained Active Graphical Model Learning (Advisor: Aarti Singh)
  • Tom Tseng: Parallel Dynamic Forest Connectivity (Advisor: Guy Blelloch)
  • William Xiao: An Anytime Multi-Heuristic A* Search Algorithm (Advisor: Maxim Likhachev)
  • Eric Zhu: Toward Generative Models of Repetition in Music (Advisor: Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Matt Gormley)
  • Aisha Mohamed: Coarse Localization of a Workpiece using CAD Models (Qatar)
  • Mir Mohammed Ali Khan: Behavior Analysis Using Multi-Sensor Network (Qatar)

12:00 pm: Independent Study (15-591) Projects

  • Kohei Arai: The Classification of Sensitive Information in Text Media (Advisor: Jason Hong)
  • Viren Bajaj: A Formally Verified SCUBA Dive Computer Based on Commodity Sensors (Advisor: André Platzer)
  • Daniel De Angulo: Shape Optimization of Rapidly Prototyped Furniture (Advisor: Susan Finger)
  • Mingjun Duan: Validation of the Thin-slicing Method for Sequential Social Signal Annotation (Advisor:  Timr Baumann)
  • Breeanna Ebert: Designing a Music Scheduler within the Unity Game Engine (Advisor: Roger Dannenberg)
  • Radhika Gupta: Analysis of Searchable Encryption (Advisor: Justine Sherry)
  • Christopher Hwang: Decision Tree Complexity of Boolean Function (Advisor: Roger Dannenberg )
  • Dhruv Khurana: Making Quadraped Robots Interactive Using Computer Vision (Advisor: Aaron Johnson)
  • Joshua Korn: Parallel Tree-Based Ordered Sets in MLTon (Advisor: Guy Blelloch)
  • Tianyu Li: Brain for Databases - Integrating Machine Learning Components into an Autonomous DBMS (Advisors: Andy Pavlo, Geoff Gordon)
  • Connor Lin: Real World Fabrication of 3D Meshes (Advisor: Keenan Crane)
  • Jason Ma: Analysis of Various Active Learning Algorithms in Computer Vision (Advisor: Kris Kitani)
  • Saloni Saxena: UX in Crowdsourcing (Advisor: Yuichi Matsuyama)
  • Kar Leung Edmund Tong: Social Question Answering (Advisor: Louis-Philippe Morency)
  • Jonathan Van Briesen: MOSEI: A Multimodal Sentiment and Emotion Dataset (Advisor: Louis-Philippe Morency)
  • Rohan Yadav: Parallel Graph Isomorphism (Advisor: Umut Acar)
  • Zexi Yao: Discrete MCTS Algorithm for Biological Steering of T Cells (Advisor: Tuomas Sandholm)

12:00 pm: Independent Study (15-592/593) Projects

  • Prachi Bodas: Experiments on TPad Gradients  (Advisor: Min Xu )
  • Sanjay Chandrasekaran: Enabling Intent-Driven Composition in Software Defined Networks (Advisor: Vyas Sekar)
  • Gabrilla Han: Functional Geometry: Building a Framework to Design “Smart” 3D Models (Advisor: Scott Hudson)
  • Kar Leung Edmund Tong: Social Question Answering / MOSEI: A Multimodal Sentiment and Emotion Dataset (Advisor: Louis-Philippe Morency)

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