Special SDI/ISTC Seminar

Monday, May 11, 2015 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm


ISTC Panther Hollow Conference Room, 4th Floor Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center



Series of Talks by PDL Consortium Visitors http://www.pdl.cmu.edu/SDI/2015/051115.html

1:00 pm — Tirthankar Lahiri, OracleOracle Database In-Memory: A Dual Format In-Memory Database 2:00 pm — Sorin Faibish, EMCRedefine Storage: Two-Tiers Architecture New Storage Architecture with Auto-tiering Between a Fast Tier on Flash and a Capacity Tier on Cloud 2:30 pm — Break 2:45 pm — Roger MacNicol, OracleQuery Franchising: a High Performance Solution for Heterogeneous Data Environments 3:30 pm — Tanj Bennett, Microsoft ResearchAnatomy of Bing Cloud Apps 4:15 pm — HIdeaki Kimura, HP LabsThe Machine: What HP and HP Labs Are Up To

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