15-661 Project Presentations

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 8:45pm


The Pausch Bridge, Gather on Purnell Center side Gates Hillman Centers



Interaction and Expression using the Pausch Bridge Lighting https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2nHMcRs7s02cGVNTk1Ba2V3bkE/view

You are invited to attend this year's viewing of student work on the PauschBridge.  The goal of this course is bring students together from across disciplines to honor the memory of Randy Pausch by creating dynamic interactive light shows.Projects include:15-LoveStudents: Roman Baiocco, Kenny Cohen, David Murray, Alex O'Neill, Nick RobertsThe Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge exists as both a physical and conceptual connection between computer science and the arts on Carnegie Mellon's campus. 15-Love expands on this cross-disciplinary nature to allow for users to interact with the bridge in a game like fashion. 15-Love, at its core, is simply a game of tennis experienced through light. The game utilizes moon tracking technology to detect player movements, which are then sent to the bridge. Players on opposite ends of the bridge compete for glory.Story AnimatorStudents: Aisha Dev, Naomi Laguerre, Emily Newman, Nitsan ShaiIt is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the added dimension of time, can one argue that a moving picture is worth more? This project allows users to tell a story through light. Using color and intensity, users will be able to paint select scenes from a beloved childhood story on the Pausch Bridge. In the end, all scenes will stitch together and playback to bring the story to life (light)!Campus Mood RingStudents: Allson Fisher, Leo Galvan, Monica Huang, Soonho Kwon, Jun MaCampus Mood Ring is an interacve data visualizaon of the current mood of CMU students. Motivated by the importance of mental health at CMU, Campus Mood Ring aims to reflect and balance the moods of members of the CMU community. In addition to the collective mood visualization, Campus Mood Ring also provides a personal, immersive light show experience to help empathize with students crossing the Pausch Bridge at night.Course Faculty:Cindy Limauro, School of Drama (and Co-Lighting Designer with Christopher Popowich of the Pausch Bridge), withEvan Shimizu, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science Department, School of Computer Science

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