SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

 Denotes winner of that year's Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
 Denotes winner of that year's Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence

Information about Research for Undergraduates for current students:

Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Ying-Chieh Chang Perceived Gender Similarities and Differences in Confidence Levels Among Computer Science Undergraduates
Sue Yi Chew Improving the Filtering Quality of Selective Dissemination of Information by Observing User Task Behavior
Michael Coblenz Frank Pfenning Using Objects of Measurement to Detect Spreadsheet Errors
Andrew Cove , Doug James Dynamic Texturing of Botanical Environments
Dilan Edirisinghe Perception of Affordances by a Mobile Robot
Jared Go Real-Time Texture-Space Radiosity
Matthew Johnson-Roberson Non-holonomic Trajectory Planning for High Speed Navigation
Woo Tae Kim , Pragnesh Modi Classification of Examples by Multiple Agents with Private Features
Dongryeol Lee , Alexander Gray New Algorithmic Techniques for Generalized N-Body Problems
Bryan Mills , Aleksander Nanveski A Survey of Mechanisms for Language Extensibility
Scott Niekum Reliable Rock Detection and Classification for Autonomous Science
Suporn Pongnumkul Automatic Digicromatography: Colorizing the Images of the Russian Empire
Pongsin Poosankam Authentication and Access Control in Multi-agent Systems
John Ramish Towards a General Knowledge Representation Language
Chris Rotella An Efficient Implementation of the AKS Polynomial-Time Primality Testing Algorithm
Akkarit Sangpetch Visualizing Robot Behavior with Self-Generated Storyboards
Boris Sofman Obstacle Map construction from Aerial Information for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Navigation
Mark Tomczak BeatLib: A general-purpose beat detection library