SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

 Denotes winner of that year's Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
 Denotes winner of that year's Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence

Information about Research for Undergraduates for current students:

Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Seng Keat Teh , Bruce Maggs Efficient Algorithms for Similarity-Enhanced Transfer in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Matt Carson Blocks World Vision for the AIBO Robot
Natalie Castellana Haplotype Motif Partitioning for Association Studies
Erick Chastain , Dave Plaut How are Faces Special? Eccentricity Bias as a Feasible Computational Inferotemporal Cortex Organization
Will Cooper Interactive Ownership Type Inference
Peerapong Dhangwatnotai Mixture Model for Approximate Inference in Bayesian Networks
Juan Fasola Real-Time Visual Robot Detection and Modeling with Situational Awareness
Ivan Gonzalez Thumb Based Interaction Techniques for Input on a Steering Wheel
Joshua Hailpern Distributed Detection of New Virus Threats in Large Scale Networks
Matthew Kehrt Linearity for Objects
Hee Gun Lee Enhancing Motion Data with Head and Eye Motion
Il Sun Lee Managing and Monitoring Spectrum Usage in a Wireless Network
Keunpyo Lee Dynamic Architecture Reconstruction with J2EE(tm) Platforms
Akiva Leffert Learning Others' Calendars
Yuxiang Liu Managing and Monitoring Spectrum Usage in a Wireless Network
Nicholas Lynn Autonomic Computing: Learning to Repair Systems Effectively
David Murray Adaptive LAN-to-Host Multicast: Optimizing End System Multicast via LAN Multicast Integration
Andreas Pfenning A Comparative Genomic Approach to Identifying the Plasticity Transcriptome
Gregory Price Frank Pfenning Toward Efficient Proof Search for Linear Logic
Cinar Sahin Event Representation in Knowledge Systems with Context Hierarchies
Gwen Stockman , Adam Wierman The Impact of Abandonment in Multi-Class Priority Queues
Kanat Tangwonsan Active Data Structures and Applications to Dynamic and Kinetic Algorithms
Alex Trevor Optimizing Mobile Sensor Placement for Distributed Ojbect Tracking
Yinmeng Zhang Covert Multi-Party Computation
Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Michael Ashley-Rollman Type-Safety of Stardard ML