SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

 Denotes winner of that year's Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
 Denotes winner of that year's Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence

Information about Research for Undergraduates for current students:

Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Shaun Allison Manuel Blum A Secure Human-Computable Authentication Scheme
Terence An Guy Blelloch Fast Approximation of Minimum 2-Hop Covers on Trees
Nivevdita Chopra Roy Maxion Nipping Bugs in the Bud - Student Misconceptions in Introductory Computer Science Classes
Jonathan Goldman Ariel Procaccia Spliddit - Unleashing Fair Division Algorithms
Ian Huang Guy Blelloch Cache Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithms
Maria Khutoretsky Nancy Pollard Quadratic Encoding for 2D Hand Pose Reconstruction
Klas Leino Guy Blelloch Data-Aware Auto-Tuning and Techniques for Improving Parallel Sorting Performance
Tsutomo Okano Klaus Sutner Invertible Binary Transducers and the Automorphisms of the Binary Tree
Jack Paparian Christopher Langmead An Autoencoder Triaging Algorithm for Acute Pancreatitis
Jay Park Aarti Singh Active Sampling for Estimating Gaussian Graphical Models
Annika Peterson Andre Platzer Formal Verification of a Controlled Flight Between Two Robots: A Case Study
Dan Ringwalt Roger Dannenberg Improved Methods for Optical Music Recognition
Joseph Rollinson From Prediction to Decision Making in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Tom Shen William Cohen Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Text Categorization through Supervised Random Walks
Kerry Snyder William Red Whittaker Visual and Geometric Modeling of Lunar Surface Features
Elias Szabo-Wexler Ariel Procaccia Staying Fair: Axiomatic Fairness for Recurrent Allocation
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Sabih Bin Wasi Kemal Oflazer SIRTAS: State-of-the-art, Interactive, Real-time Twitter Sentiment Analysis System