SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

 Denotes winner of that year's Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
 Denotes winner of that year's Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence

Information about Research for Undergraduates for current students:

Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Shomiron Ghose Frank Pfenning Adding a Multichoice Receive Operator to Session Types
Rachel Holladay Siddhartha Srinivasa Following Paths in Task Space: Distance Metrics and Planning Algorithms
Ananya Kumar Avrim Blum Streaming Algorithms for Approximate Convex Hulls
Hongyu Li James Callan Question Answering with Freebase: Support Sentence Extraction and Learning to Rank
Benjamin Lichtman Jan Hoffmann Resource Aware Program Synthesis
David Lindenbaum Todd Mowry Flexible Management of Superpages to Improve Performance
Brandon Price Matthew Fredrikson Exploring Defenses for Security Vulnerabilities in Neural Networks
Shyamsunder Raghavan Manuel Blum Password Magic (Humanly-Computable Password Generation Schemata and Their Practical Implications)
Bharadwaj Ramachandran Jason Hong Building a Privacy-Aware Stack for the Internet of Things
John Urbanek Roger Dannenberg Deep Learning of Polyphonic Similarity between Acoustic and Synthetic Recordings
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Aliaa Essameldin Khaled Harras The Hive: An Edge-based Middleware Solution for Resource Sharing in the Internet of Things
Shahan Ali Memon Saquib Razak, Ingmar Weber Lifestyle Disease Surveillance Using Spatio-Temporal Search Intensity Models
Muhammad Ahmed Shah Bhiksha Ramakrishnan, Khaled Harras Sherlock: A Crowdsourced System for Automatic Tagging of Indoor Floor Plans
Sannan Tariq Khaled Harras An Agile Platform for Distributed Computation in Smart IoT Environments