SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

* Denotes winner of that year's Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
+ Denotes winner of that year's Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence

Information about Research for Undergraduates for current students:

Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Timothy Becker Klaus Sutner Representations and Complexity of Abelian Automaton Groups
Calvin Beideman Ryan O'Donnell Approximating Densest k-Subhypergraph
Can Bostanci Anupam Gupta Approximations to Generalized Facility Location Problems
Jordan Brown Jean Yang Securing Database-Backed Web Applications Through Lightweight, Automated Verification
William Chargin Frank Pfenning A General System of Adjoint Logic
Sunny Gakhar Anupam Gupta Traveling Salesman Problem under Stability Considerations
Daniel Gratzer Karl Crary The Next 700 Failed Step-Index-Free Logical Relations
Yeongwoo Hwang Anil Ada, Ryan O'Donnell Decision Tree and Fourier Complexity of Boolean Functions
Jacob Imola Jean Yang Automatic Algorithmic Choice for Differential Privacy
Maitreyee Joshi Martial Hebert Retinal Prosthetics: Restoring Sight to the Blind Using Computer Vision
Scott Krulcik Jean Yang Automatically Enforcing Information Flow Security with Dependency Injection
Sidhanth Mohanty Ryan O'Donnell Sum-of-Squares Refutation Threshold for Regular SORT_4 instances
Everi Osofsky Todd Mowry, Michael Kozuch Fine-grained Metadata Management Using Page Overlays
Hanqi Sun Aarti Singh Size-constrained Active Graphical Model Learning
Thomas Tseng Guy Blelloch Concurrent Skip Lists for Dynamic Forest Connectivity
William Xiao Maxim Likhachev An Anytime Multi-Heuristic A* Search Algorithm
Eric Zhu* Matthew Gormley Neural Generation of Structured and Coherent Music
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Student Name Academic Advisor Thesis Title
Daanish Ali Khan Saquib Razak, Bhiksha Ramakrishnan Behaviour Analysis using Multi-Sensor Data
Sabit Hassan Bhiksha Ramakrishnan, Saquib Razak Interactive Evaluation and Training of Classifiers under Limited Resources