SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Name Academic Advisor Thesis Topic
Hassan Rom Gregory Ganger Currently, the roboceptionist's ability to decide whether or not to greet a nearby person is inadequate. Often the roboceptionist attempts to greet people who are not interested in talking back, but merely passing by. The roboceptionist may also attempt to greet people who are standing outside the nearby classroom-these people are not interested in responding either. While the roboceptionist is attempting to greet people who will not respond, other people who do want to talk to the roboceptionist may be waiting for a greeting. The problem is that the roboceptionist is spending too much attention on people who are not interested in interacting with the roboceptionist. Before the roboceptionist can reliably greet people, however, the roboceptionist needs to have a reliable way of tracking people. This project focuses on methods of person tracking using a laser range finder.