Building innovative systems of sufficient realism, scale, performance and usability to directly impact the practice of computing is a hallmark of Carnegie Mellon.

We often use the statement “System building is a first-class activity” to signify our belief that this activity is worthy of the finest minds and deserves the highest respect. We also believe that the effort involved in building realistic systems is amply rewarded by the insights gained and the impact achieved.

A rich tradition of systems such as Mach, Warp, Camelot, AFS, Spice, Hydra, Cm* and C.mmp stretching over twenty-five years forms the backdrop for our current research.

Faculty working in this area:

Last First Title Emailsort descending
Beckmann Nathan Assistant Professor
Lucia Brandon Assistant Professor
Bryant Randy University Professor
Faloutsos Christos Professor
Brumley David Professor, ECE; Associate Professor, CSD
Andersen David Professor
Siewiorek Daniel Buhl University Professor of Electrical And Computer Engineering And Computer Science; Faculty
O'Hallaron David Professor of Computer Science And Electrical And Computer Engineering
Fink Eugene Senior Systems Scientist
Ganger Greg Professor
Garlan David Associate Dean for Masters Programs; Professor
Gibson Garth Professor, Associate Dean for Masters Programs
Fanti Giulia Assistant Professor
Harchol-Balter Mor Professor
Wactlar Howard Alumni Research Professor
Sherry Martins Justine Assistant Professor
Wing Jeannette Consulting Professor
Crane Keenan Assistant Professor
Parno Bryan Associate Professor
Pavlo Andy Assistant Professor
Steenkiste Peter Professor of Computer Science And Electrical And Computer Engineering
Vinayak Rashmi Korlakai Assistant Professor
Harper Robert Professor
Satyanarayanan Mahadev Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science
Schmerl Bradley Principal Systems Scientist
Goldstein Seth Associate Professor
Seshan Srinivasan Department Head, Computer Science Department; Professor
Kumar Swarun Assistant Professor
Mowry Todd Professor & Director of Computer Science Doctoral Program
Sekar Vyas Assistant Professor
Agarwal Yuvraj Assistant Professor
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