Security and Privacy

Carnegie Mellon boasts one of the largest university-based security research and education centers in the world, and our faculty work in all areas of security: software security, network security, formal methods, threat analysis and modeling, cryptography, business risk assessment and economic implications, and usable privacy and security.

Our efforts come together in CyLab, a unique multidisciplinary, university-wide organization devoted to computer security research. CyLab draws its more than 50 faculty and 130 grad students from six colleges. Current interdisciplinary CyLab research thrusts include trustworthy computing platforms and devices; next-generation secure and available networks; mobility; security of cyber-physical systems; secure home computing; survivable distributed systems and outsourced services; and privacy protection.

Faculty working in this area:

Lastsort ascending First Title Email
Yang Jean Assistant Professor
Wing Jeannette Consulting Professor
Von Ahn Luis Consulting Professor
Steenkiste Peter Professor of Computer Science And Electrical And Computer Engineering
Siewiorek Daniel Buhl University Professor of Electrical And Computer Engineering And Computer Science; Faculty
Sherry Martins Justine Assistant Professor
Satyanarayanan Mahadev Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science
O'Donnell Ryan Professor
Maxion Roy Research Professor
Hoffmann Jan Assistant Professor
Harper Robert Professor
Goyal Vipul Associate Professor
Garlan David Professor
Fredrikson Matthew Assistant Professor
Datta Anupam Associate Professor, CSD, ECE
Crary Karl Associate Professor
Brumley David Director, Cylab; Professor, ECE; Associate Professor, CSD
Blum Manuel Bruce J. Nelson University Professor
Andersen David Associate Professor
Aldrich Jonathan Director, Software Engineering Ph.D. Program; Professor
Agarwal Yuvraj Assistant Professor
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