Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Mobile computing was born in the early 1990s with the advent of full-function laptop computers and wireless LANs. Since then, Carnegie Mellon has been a major contributor to the fundamental ideas, systems, and experimental validations of mobile computing. Our research thrusts in these areas include cloudlet-based mobile computing, context-aware networking: programming support for context-aware and sensor-rich environments, user-controllable security and privacy for pervasive computing, urban computing, wearable computing, self-managing chaotic wireless networks, VM-based hands-free mobile computing, secure interactions and trust establishment, and living analytics.

Faculty working in this area:

Last First Title Emailsort descending
Siewiorek Daniel Buhl University Professor of Electrical And Computer Engineering And Computer Science; Faculty
Garlan David Associate Dean for Masters Programs; Professor
Steenkiste Peter Professor of Computer Science And Electrical And Computer Engineering
Satyanarayanan Mahadev Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science
Schmerl Bradley Principal Systems Scientist
Seshan Srinivasan Department Head, Computer Science Department; Professor
Kumar Swarun Assistant Professor
Agarwal Yuvraj Assistant Professor
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