SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor Thesis Topic
Jonathan Goldman Ariel Procaccia Spliddit - Unleashing Fair Division Algorithms

The field of fair division has been rapidly expanding in recent years, capturing the interest of researchers in economics, mathematics, and computer science. The Literature encompasses provably fair solutions for a wide variety of problems - many of them relevant to society at large. However, a few fair division systems are used in practice, with even fewer available to the public. Enter Spliddit, a first-of-its-kind website which provides easy access to carefully designed methods for dividing rent, goods, credit, chores, and fares. Since launching in November 2014, Spliddit has received coverage in popular technology websites such as Gizmodo and Fast Company, and has been used by tens of thousands of people. In this talk, we'll discuss the overall design and implementation of Spliddit, as well as the algorithmic details of Spliddit's various applications.

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