SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor Thesis Topic
Da-Yoon Chung M. Satyanarayanan OpenISR 2.0

I explore a new approach to "Web-based Transient Personal Computing" by building upon the ideas from Professor Satyanarayanan's ISR (Internet Suspend/Resume) to better fit modern VM technology and computing needs. ISR decouples PC state and hardware by storing the state in a virtual machine. It increases convenience and productivity for users by allowing them to securely access personal machine state on an anonymous machine (e.g. a PC in a waiting room at the doctorbarticulators to construct a voice for BF.s office) or more portable devices like tablets instead of being bound to particular hardware. Although the existing ISR is functional, its codebase is complex and some of the decisions made in its development would have been made differently today. I reconsider the original premises for ISR and build a system that can fill a niche today. Rather than working from the ISR codebase, I build upon the newer VMNetX codebase, which developed from ISR but differs in that its VMs are read-only and are stored and executed on-demand from a web server. The new implementation is novel approach to solving an otherwise well-established problem because of this HTTP-based storage and execution.

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