SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor Thesis Topic
Afnan Fahim Khaled Harras Towards Computational Offloading in Mobile Device Clouds

It is common practice for mobile devices to offload computationally heavy tasks off to a cloud, which has greater computational resources. In this work, our first contribution is to motivate the gain in computation time and energy consumption that can be made by offloading tasks to nearby devices inside a mobile device cloud (MDC). We do this by emulating network conditions that exist for different communication technologies provided by modern mobile devices. As opposed to emulated experiments, currently it is a challenge to carry out real experiments on mobile devices since no applications exist that can distribute different amounts of data and computation to nearby devices using different communication technologies. Thus, as a second contribution, we also present a platform that allows creation and offloading of tasks by a mobile devices to nearby devices. As a final contribution, we also present a test bed which we used to carry out experimentation and gain insights about what kind of strategies need to be employed in order to ensure losses in computation time and energy can be mitigated while performing task offload within an MDC.

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