SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Dania Abed Rabbou Khaled Harris Leveraging Social Networking and Indoor Localization for Context-Aware Ubiquitous Systems

The proliferation of social-networks along with technologies allowing for better realization of pervasive systems, facilitate the construction of social-based context-aware systems. We leverage this advancement to create a generic and novel social context-aware ubiquitous system, SCOUT, above which a multitude of soft real time mobile applications can be built. We propose a detailed design of SCOUT, implement a prototype as a proof-of-concept and evaluate the responsiveness of the system.

Among various challenges in the domain of social-based context-aware systems, we address the challenge of maintaining end-to-end communication channels between ubiquitous systems and mobile users. Mobile users are often situated in heterogeneous networking environments that provide intermittent, highly interfering, or highly disruptive communication. In such situations, users either resort to more stable but charged internet services (like 3G) or remain disconnected. Hence, this reduces the effectiveness of ubiquitous systems in both gathering and disseminating information to and from mobile devices in soft real time systems. We propose a hybrid system architecture that bridges the centralized and distributed paradigms building upon opportunistic and disruption tolerant networking research. Based on this architecture, we introduce a means for a novel mechanism for information seeking users. Finally, we use our ubiquitous system, SCOUT, as a platform to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of our architecture using three metrics namely: success rate, delay and cost.

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