SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Victor Marmol Bernardine Dias Market-Based Coordination of Recharging Robots

Autonomous recharging is becoming increasingly important to mobile robotics as it has the potential to greatly enhance the operational time and capability of robots. Existing approaches, however, are greedy in nature and have little to no coordination between robots. This leads to less efficient interactions which adversely affect the performance of the team of robots. Therefore, improved coordination can greatly enhance the performance of such a team. This senior thesis has advanced the state of the art in autonomous recharging by developing, implementing, testing, and evaluating a market-based distributed algorithm for effectively coordinating recharging robots. This system is charge-aware and able to autonomously account for current and future battery states as well as current and future tasks. The developed solution has been evaluated on a series of tasks run on worker robots and recharger robots. Simulations were also used to validate the system on larger workloads. Results show that our approach consistently outperforms the state of the art in recharging strategies.

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