SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Jonathan Harbuck Bernardine Dias CaFE Play: A Customizable Mobile Phone Game for Enhancing English Literacy

English proficiency is an invaluable skill in many parts of the world. It often helps individuals improve their quality of life and contribute more to society. However, for various reasons, many individuals have difficulty learning English, often simply due to lack of guided practice. To help address this issue, the TechBridgeWorld research group ( through their TechCaFE program ( has developed the CaFE Phone tool: a prototype mobile phone-based game for enhancing English literacy. The purpose of this thesis is to improve and build upon the game by creating a game customization framework, CaFE Play, which can be used to not only customize the existing game, but also to create other such customizable games. These games should increase the user's motivation to practice English literacy, and thereby better improve the user's English proficiency, a hypothesis that this thesis also aims to test.

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