SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Mohammed Rahman Bernardine Dias Education e-Village: Empowering Technology Educators in Developing Regions

There exists a significant need for relevant, accessible and useful resources to enhance technology education in developing regions. Currently, access to technology courseware is available via several online resources. These are designed for developed communities, where technology resources are ubiquitous. There are no avenues for understanding the courseware or discussing alternative ways of teaching it based on constraints specific to developing regions, like limited resources and experiences with technology. This prompted the conception of TechBridgeWorld's "Education e-Village" (E-Village) project to address the aforementioned needs. E-Village is an online community where educators from around the world will be able to share ideas, experiences, expertise, educational resources, and strategies for effective technology education in developing regions. This work is involved with 4 critical aspects of E-Village namely, search functionality, discussion board functionality, a learning tool, and user experience. The aims of this work are threefold. First, it will design and implement initial versions of the outlined features keeping existing constraints and conventions in mind. Second, it will understand the effectiveness of the implementations through feature-specific usability tests, and address any major shortcomings. Finally, it will perform overall usability tests, present key findings from these tests and make recommendations for enhancements in future.

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