SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Christopher Niessl Roger Dannenberg Enhancing Audio Reproduction through Improved Instrument Synthesis Models for Violin and String Instruments

Current methods of psycho-acoustic based audio compression work very well, but at a cost of loss of original information. Simultaneously, loss less methods of compression on average compress at approximately a 2:1 ratio. One means of improving the quality of sound reproduction while reducing the amount of information needed to encode the sound is through improved sound synthesis techniques.

In this research, we focus on using the combined SIS method to reduce the amount of information needed in a control channel for a violin synthesizer, while maintaining sound quality at levels that would make it almost indistinguishable from an actual instrument being played. SIS has found success in brass and woodwind instruments, but has encountered challenges in synthesizing string instruments. Through the introduction of additional parameters, we hope to reduce the amount of control information needed to express sounds on those instruments.

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