SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

YoungJoo Jeong Ananda Gunawardena Share or Not to Share? The Benefits of the Use of a TabletPC Flash Card Application in an Educational Setting

Many people use flash cards or index cards to study for vocabulary quizzes, math tests, etc. However, using the physical flash cards is not the best method of studying as people have to maintain the cards and manually sort the cards according to their familiarity. It would be beneficial for students if they could make the flash cards on computers so that they never have to lose the cards and the program could quiz them. The purpose of this study is to extend the Tablet Flash Cards Application that I developed as part of the course 15-397 in fall of 2007 and an independent study in spring of 2008 to a collaborative online learning application. To test the effectiveness of this collaborative online learning application, I will also measure how it can help the eighth grade students at a local middle school in Pittsburgh to learn geometry better. To design and develop this online flash cards application, I will utilize HCI methods such as contextual inquiry, storyboarding, usability analysis, etc.

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