SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Albert Sheu Hui Zhang Characterizing Youtube Videos

In this research project, we will attempt to make a case for end system multicasting (ESM) by analyzing traffic patterns for high-volume, high-bandwidth websites and services. ESM is a form of multicasting that only requires implementation by end users at the application layer, rather than at the routing layer. This allows for more widespread adoption than IP multicasting, while maintaining the majority of the benefits. ESM is currently being used for high quality video streaming, and so our analysis will focus on data behind popular video streaming websites, such as the fast-growing video site, YouTube. Our project will analyze and summarize traffic patterns behind both individual and collective user-generated video clips from YouTube. For my midterm report, I will describe the background behind the project, our program architecture behind data collection and post-processing, preliminary results demonstrating a case for ESM, and expected future results.

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