SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Amer Obeidah Lynn Carter Design-Code Verification: When Design Deviates from Code

In the business of software today, developers have a problem keeping design and code in synchronization. Addressing this issue, this thesis covers my research into this topic and describes an implementation of a tool that speeds up the resynchronization process of design and code. The resynchronization process requires a comparison process between code and design, but such comparison is too complex with too many unsolved problems to fully be covered in just one thesis. As a result, this thesis focuses on UML Class and Sequence diagrams, since they are the most widely and commonly used among the different design notations. Web also restrict the study to just the Java programming language. This thesis highlights the different aspects of the synchronization (bible framework to support people struggling with the "in-sync" problem and populates that framework with an initial set of working analysis modules. The thesis then concludes with an analysis of the work and explains how others can extend it to cover more pieces of the problem.

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