SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Stephanie Rosenthal Anind Dey A Template-based Approach to Mobile Reminders

Busy parents often do not write down short term reminders for one-time events, like returning videos or bringing snacks to a soccer game, because it takes too much time compared to relying on their own memory. These types of events are the most often forgotten because people accumulate so many of these small reminders. Parents want a way to quickly make reminders to perform some task at a particular time, location or while performing an activity, while minimizing the cost of entering them. Our research focuses on using cell phones as location- and activity-aware devices to collect information about what people are doing. Then we use machine learning techniques to predict and auto-complete reminders. Although the events and locations may differ on a family to family basis, within a family, members have evolved a consistent system for reminding each other. We collect data from each family and then train the model for each individually.

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