SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
David Murray Hui Zhang Adaptive LAN-to-Host Multicast: Optimizing End System Multicast via LAN Multicast Integration

The Carnegie Mellon End System Multicast (ESM) group has developed and is improving upon a technology to stream video/audio data over the Internet using peer-to-peer technology. It has been proposed that current streaming protocols can be improved upon by allowing end hosts that tune into a given stream to forward that stream to other end hosts, enabling a bandwidth savings to the streaming source by distributing the cost of deployment among the end users. Many problems still remain in the contexts of robustness, resilience, and scalability. Currently, we encounter a problem when attempting to stream within a LAN using the ESM tree when we compare it to a widely used protocol, IP Multicast. In the former approach, multiple streams are forwarded within a LAN, namely one for each sender-recipient pair in ESM. By integrating IP multicast on the LAN, however, we can reduce the cost of an individual LAN by allowing for one stream to propagate throughout the entire LAN once a certain threshold of users is reached. The threshold at which to make this change, however, is unclear, and the improvements from this modified approach are yet to be measured. My research will focus on implementing this new approach and answering these questions.

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