SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Keunpyo Lee David Garlan Dynamic Architecture Reconstruction with J2EE(tm) Platforms

Successful software system development depends on making good architectural decisions early in the design process, which are difficult to change and most critical to get right. In this architecture-based development, one of the challenging problems is to ensure that the implementation conforms to the architecture. In order to determine or enforce consistency between the architecture and its implementation, this research describes a technique that examines and monitors a system's dynamic runtime behavior. From the observation, in principle, we can infer its dynamic architecture which involves changes in the overall system configuration or the progress of the computation. Furthermore, by introducing a technique that maps low-level system events to high-level architectural representation using Colored Petri Nets, we can have a more accurate image of what is going on in the real system. This research covers dynamic architecture reconstruction for J2EE(tm) platform based software systems to demonstrate the practical applicability of the technqiues.

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