SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Il Sun Lee Peter Steenkiste Managing and Monitoring Spectrum Usage in a Wireless Network

Cheap and easy installation of the wireless devices enabled the large number of wireless network deployments in many places. Howeveer, since there are only three-non-interfering channels in 802.11, interference between wireless devices will be major problem in sustaining the high efficiency and stability of wireless network. To reduce the interference in network, it is crucial for each device to know other device's activity and configuration in network. For example, the administrator need to determine the interfering sets of the access points and activity level of each access point to adjust the configuration to reach the ideal environment.

One of the suggested solutions to this problem is to monitor the wireless activity of the network by running configuration and monitoring software in the access points. Upon receiving the wireless activity in the database, the network administrator can analyze the wireless activity in the real time and configure the access points to increase the total efficiency of the network. The real time wireless activity monitoring is the crucial part to understand the problems in the wireless network environment.

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