SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Zach Anderson Srinivasan Seshan A Power Saving Technique for TCP Connections over Wireless Links

The IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN protocol prescribes the use of a power saving mode in which the network interface card of a mobile host is turned off periodically to save energy. In practice, the beacon period is typically set to 100ms. For TCP connections, this choice of beacon period can cause observed round trip times to be rounded up to the nearest multiple of 100ms. This rounding effect can hurt performance dramatically, for example inflating the amount of time it takes to transfer a web page from an HTTP server to the mobile host, Through simulations and real world data, we show that it is possible to select a beacon period per TCP connection such that at least as much energy is saved as with the 802.11 power saving mode, but at much greater performance.

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