SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Yili Wang David Garlan TaskPort: A Task Management Interface in an Intelligent Cognitive Assistant System

As technology evolves, people are pressed to keep track of a growing number of everyday tasks. Today's businessmen, managers and professors are spending more and more time on routine tasks such as answering emails, scheduling meeting, allocating resources and updating websites. RADAR (Reflective Agent with Distributed Adaptive Reasoning) is a software-based cognitive personal assistant in development by Carnegie Mellon University. RADAR can both save time for its user and improve quality of decisions by automatically managing the user's tasks and adapting to the user's preferences.

The task manager is an essential component of the RADAR system that manages high-level tasks and coordinate communications among other intelligent assistants in a personal space. The task manager interface is a dashboard that allows users to browse, create, and modify tasks. It also obtains status from other task assistants and monitors feasibility of tasks. By exploring various techniques used in the task manager interface, we will better understand the elements that provide an edge in efficiency and productivity for the user. We will also discuss the possibility of extending the task manager interface in a ubiquitous environment.

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