SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Bernice Ma Metin Sitti Augmented Reality Human Machine Interface for a Teleoperated Nano-scale Interaction and Manipulation System

Perhaps one of the most challenging yet popular areas of research today is that involving the study of very small objects. Due to their small size, handling and interacting with these objects is beyond the capabilities of human sensing and precision.

To overcome the scaling barrier when manipulating objects at the nano scale, teleoperation providing direct control of a nanorobot with visual and haptic feedback seems to be a reasonable approach. Hence, this thesis is focused on developing a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for real-time imaging in the nano world during nano manipulation/interaction with an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) probe.

This tool would provide scientists with the opportunity to learn more about the complexities of the micro/nano world. In addition, since it would facilitate the manipulation of micro/nano scaled objects, it would have applications in many different fields, including biology, chemistry, and physics.

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