SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Khalid El-Arini Todd Mowry Synthetically Real Graphics

Synthetic Reality is a project recently started by Professors Seth Goldstein and Todd Mowry with the goal of creating metamorphic robotic systems that simulate real moving objects. These systems consist of small, independent modules, or .catoms,. each containing a processor, memory, a capacitor (for power), programmable magnets (for motion), and wireless communication capability. The surface of each catom has a graphical display, onto which appropriate textures can be mapped to simulate the surface of the real object that is being modeled.

I am working on the problem of mapping textures to the surfaces of these catoms so as to minimize distortion, both in the view-independent and view-dependent cases. Since the first physical prototypes of the catoms will be the size of ping-pong balls, shapes to be modeled will potentially lose much of their topographic information. As a result, texturing is very important in maintaining an approximation of the original appearance of the model.

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