SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Matt Anderson Robert Griffiths, Avrim Blum Simulation of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Quantum Computer

Many believe that classical computation has limited computational power, unable to quickly solve several interesting families of problems. Quantum computation is an alternate avenue of attack, it relies on the power of quantum mechanics to superpose and entangle information in hopes of gaining a computational advantage. There are several possible physical realisations of quantum computers being studied by the community. One possible realisation is a quantum computer built on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) principles.

This thesis is intended to implement a simulation of NMR computer. The final goal is to construct a simulation that will take in an algorithm, process it into NMR primitives which are passed to a NMR simulator. The NMR simulation outputs the result which then has to be processed in same formalism as the input algorithm. At the highest level, the fact that the computation is being performed on an NMR computer will hide and should appear a black box. This simulation provides two major purposes. The first purpose is that it will quickly allow researchers to test their ideas for NMR algorithms on a simulator before taking the time to run the algorithm on physical NMR hardware. The second purpose is to be an educational tool, to visualise algorithms and more intuitively understand quantum algorithms.

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