SDI/ISTC Seminar

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Panther Hollow Conference Room, 4th Floor Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center


JIRI SIMSA, Software Engineer

In this talk, we first introduce Alluxio, a memory-speed distributed storage system. Next, we enumerate the different types of I/O operations supported by Alluxio, contrasting their advantages and disadvantages with respect to performance and fault tolerance. We then zero in on asynchronous writes, which allow applications to write data to Alluxio at memory-speed (or network-speed for fault tolerance) while Alluxio asynchronously writes the data to remote storage. We highlight interesting design and implementation details and present experimental evaluation of performance and fault tolerance.—Jiří Šimša is a software engineer at Alluxio, Inc. and one of the top committers and a project management committee member of the Alluxio open source project. Prior to working on Alluxio, he was a software engineer at Google, where he worked on a framework for the Internet of Things. Jiri is a CSD PhD program graduate and PDL alumnus. Go Pens!Faculty Host: Garth Gibson

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