SCS Faculty Candidate - Teaching Track

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 10:00am


3305 Newell-Simon Hall


ANSAF SALLEB-AOUISSI, Associate Research Scientist

I will talk about my teaching philosophy, and experience with different computer science courses. These span introductory courses and more advanced ones, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.  I will then present my ongoing and recent research in machine learning from feature extraction to learning algorithms. This includes the design of effective and efficient  crowd labeling algorithms for medical notes annotation, novel quantitative rule learning algorithms for exploratory data analysis, application of machine learning to prediction of preterm birth, and prediction using privileged information in medical data. Finally, I will share ongoing efforts in optimizing online self-learning, its challenges and initial results in building a   data resource for textbooks related to algorithms.  About the Speaker. Faculty Host: Geoff Gordon

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