Computer Science Thesis Proposal

Friday, December 11, 2015 - 10:30am


3002 Newell-Simon Hall


CYRUS OMAR, Ph.D. Student

Full-scale programming languages often make ad hoc choices in the design of their concrete syntax. For example, nearly all major functional languages build in derived forms for lists, but introducing derived forms for other library constructs, e.g. for HTML elements or regular expressions, requires forming new syntactic dialects of these languages. Unfortunately, programmers cannot modularly combine syntactic dialects in general, limiting the choices ultimately available to them. In the proposed work, we will introduce and formally specify language primitives that mitigate the need for ad hoc derived forms and syntactic dialects by giving library providers the ability to programmatically control syntactic expansion while maintaining a type discipline, a hygienic binding discipline and modular reasoning principles.  Thesis Committee:  Jonathan Aldrich (Chair)  Robert Harper  Karl Crary  Eric Van Wyk (University of Minnesota) Copy of Thesis Summary

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Thesis Proposal