Artificial Intelligence Lunch Seminar

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


ASA Conference Room 6115 Gates & Hillman Centers



Within CMU and SCS we are very confident that we are helping lead the world in AI and other forms of advanced computer science / statistics / optimization / game theory to make the world a much better, funner and safer place. This is a direct legacy from two of the four founders of AI: Newell and Simon. How do we explain what's going on right now in a way that is interesting and compelling? How do we explain it in different contexts? With a lot of help from Manuela, Martial, Jaime and others I have a story assembled which I've been using to try to spread the word. I need feedback on it and ideas for which audiences need it tweaked in which direction. I would like to spend 30 mins giving the pitch and then spend 30 mins discussing how to improve it, and also, of course, whether it might have useful content for the other CMU-AI folks to use when needed.

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