Distributed Systems

While distributed computing has been around since the early days of the DARPA net, the scale and importance of today’s service infrastructure is unprecedented. At the same time, embedded systems —formerly stand-alone systems —are themselves becoming part of the global infrastructure. The rapid deployment of sensors, cell phones and tablets, and networked microcontrollers throughout all of our technology creates fantastic opportunities and tremendous challenges in this field.

Carnegie Mellon has a rich history in distributed systems, with early work in parallel and distributed computers, distributed file systems and cluster computing. This research was characterized by our empirical, application-driven approach: research addressed pressing application needs and developed prototypes that could be used and evaluated by users. This research style continues to drive today’s research. Our research agenda is driven by the critical role the distributed service infrastructure plays in today’s society. While high performance remains important, system properties such as high availability, security and privacy, and manageability have also arisen as first-order requirements. All of these challenges are major research areas at Carnegie Mellon, where we focus on four research categories: data centers, information retrieval, peer-to-peer systems, and foundations.

Faculty working in this area:

Lastsort descending First Title Email
Andersen David Associate Professor dga2@andrew.cmu.edu
Faloutsos Christos Professor christos@andrew.cmu.edu
Fink Eugene Senior Systems Scientist eugenefink@cmu.edu
Ganger Gregory Professor ganger@andrew.cmu.edu
Gibson Garth Professor garth@andrew.cmu.edu
Goldstein Seth Associate Professor sethg@andrew.cmu.edu
Harchol-Balter Mor Professor harchol@andrew.cmu.edu
Pavlo Andy Assistant Professor pavlo@cs.cmu.edu
Seshan Srinivasan Professor srini@andrew.cmu.edu
Steenkiste Peter Professor of CS and ECE peter2@andrew.cmu.edu
Wing Jeannette Professor jw35@andrew.cmu.edu
Zhang Hui Adjunct Professor hzhang@andrew.cmu.edu
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