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Who's Who in the Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3891
412-268-2565 . 412-268-5576 (fax)


Title Name Phone Webpage
CSD Head of Department Frank Pfenning 412-268-6343 www
SCS Dean Randy Bryant 412-268-8821 www
Associate Department Head for Graduate Education Srinivasan Seshan 412-268-8734 www
Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Education Klaus Sutner 412-268-8510 www
Asst. Dean, Undergraduate Education Tom Cortina 412-268-3514 www
Undergraduate Program Administrator Catherine Fichtner   412-268-3040  
Administrative Associate to the Dept Head Diana Hyde 412-268-1156  
Assoc. Dept. Head for Finance and Administration AnnMarie Zanger 412-268-2595  
Research Administration (post-award) Allen Stoltzfus 412-268-2594
Research Administration (pre-award) Todd Seth 412-268-8851  
Personnel Administration Colleen Everett 412-268-7674  
PhD and 5th Yr Graduate Program Administrator Deb Cavlovich 412-268-3789  
Masters Program Administrator Tracy Farbacher 412-268-8824  
Graduate Admissions Martha Clarke 412-268-3863  
Asst. Dean, Industrial Relations/ Dir. Special Events Catherine Copetas 412-268-8525 www
Main Desk Reception 412-268-2565  



Web team
Faculty advisor Daniel Sleator 412-268-7563 www
Web coordinator Jordan Harrison 412-268-4777
Web developer/Technical Manager Paul Worona 412-268-5163



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