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The MS program in Computer Science

Errors Made in Notifying CSD Master’s Program Applicants

BY BYRON SPICE - TUE, 2015-02-17 14:51

About 800 applicants to one of SCS’s master’s programs, the Master of Science in Computer Science program in the Computer Science Department, on Monday were erroneously sent acceptance letters via email. This error was the result of serious mistakes in our process for generating acceptance letters. Once the error was discovered, the university moved quickly to notify affected applicants.

We understand the disappointment created by this mistake, and deeply apologize to the applicants for this miscommunication. We are currently reviewing our notification process to help ensure this does not happen in the future.

Applicants can direct any questions or concerns to Tracy Farbacher, program coordinator, via email at tracyf@cs.cmu.edu.

The MS program in Computer Science offers students with a Bachelor's degree the opportunity to improve their training with advanced study in Computer Science.  We cater to students with basic analytic skills and a strong aptitude for mathematics, programming, and logical reasoning.  An undergraduate degree in computer science is not required.

The program is not based on a fixed set of courses. Instead, students construct their own course of study, in consultation with their advisors, within broad guidelines.  Thus, a student may choose an area in which to specialize (such as networking, machine learning, or algorithms) or choose not to specialize at all.

Most students will complete the program in three semesters.  Students switching into Computer Science from another field may require an additional semester to fill in gaps in their undergraduate training.

The program consists entirely of coursework; there is generally no research component.  The program is distinct from the PhD program in Computer Science: Master's students will not usually continue into the PhD program.  MS graduates are welcome to apply to the PhD program, but will not receive preferential treatment.

The program's curriculum is defined here.

You may use the SCS Graduate Online Application to apply to the program.

VISITORS! Check out the MS program in Computer Science Visitors Page

For more information about the program please contact:
Tracy Farbacher
Master's Program Coordinator


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