Undergraduate Admissions Overview

The admissions process for each undergraduate major varies from program to program. Details for each program is included below.

B.S. in Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon’s undergraduate application process values selecting students who will add to the overall university community — we’re not looking for "perfect" students, but students who we think are a good fit and will succeed at CMU. Last year, more than 6,000 students applied for undergraduate admission to the School of Computer Science and 359 were accepted. If you're thinking about applying to our program, visit the university's Office of Undergraduate Admission for detailed information about the entire application and admissions process. We've included some general information below to get you started.

Important Deadlines
Applications for Early Decision are due Nov.1. Applications for Regular Decision are due by Jan. 1.

The undergraduate application fee is $75.

Requirements and How to Apply

Visit the undergraduate Admission Requirements page for detailed information about what you’ll need to submit with your application.

B.S. in Computational Biology

Prospective students interested in obtaining a B.S. in Computational Biology should apply to Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science via the Carnegie Mellon application page. (Deadlines and fees from the B.S. in Computer Science entry, above, also apply to this program.) The application website does not yet have a checkbox for the Computational Biology major, but mention the reasons you're interested in computational biology in your essay.

Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts

You may enter the BCSA program in one of two ways: as an incoming freshman or as an internal transfer student. More than half of the students enter the programs as internal transfer candidates, who have the same admissions requirements as incoming freshman. For more on the BCSA admissions process, click here.

B.S. in Music and Technology

Students enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Music and Technology program must be accepted to the School of Music and either the School of Computer Science or the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Applicants are required to submit the University's Common Application and all necessary related materials to the Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Admission Office. Click here for more information.

CS Additional Major and Minor

Students interested in applying for a CS minor are required to complete 15-122 and 15-150 and have at least one 15-2xx level course in progress. For the CS minor, students are expected to have at least a 2.0 QPA in the CS courses upon completion. Students interested in applying for a CS additional major are required to complete the CS minor first and then complete an additional 3 of the 6 remaining CS requirements along with all of the math requirements before requesting to be declared. Students are expected to have an average QPA of 3.0 in your CS courses and an overall QPA of 3.0 to complete a CS additional major. Please note that seats are not guaranteed for additional majors, although we make every effort possible to get these students into required courses. Students may need to be flexible when choosing electives. The number of declared additional majors and minors may be restricted at the discretion of the School of Computer Science due to high demand. Once you are ready to declare, or if you have questions, please contact Catharine Fichtner or Mary Widom in GHC 4115.